Kingsley McLaren - Operations Manager at ALTA Scaffolding

Why Choose Alta Scaffolding for Aluminium Scaffolding?

Aluminium holds several advantages over steel, offering improved efficiency and productivity.

Lightweight and flexible

Aluminium creates a lightweight scaffold that's faster to erect and more flexible. Reduced erection time allows you to start your project more quickly.

This has the knock-on effect of your finishing sooner and being able to take on more jobs as a result.

Improved safety

Given its higher strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium can provide a stronger, more stable platform. Its light weight also helps to prevent on-site injuries if tubes are dropped.

Aluminium is a robust option, whether you are in need of a portable/ mobile scaffold tower or a fixed scaffolding structure.

Furthermore, because it requires less muscle power to work with, physical strain is reduced.

Joshua Knight - General Manager at ALTA Scaffolding

Our Aluminium Scaffold Hire Services

Alta Scaffolding offers commercial and residential scaffolding with the personal touch of a family-owned business. We carefully plan your project with you and promptly deliver.

Fast hire times

We understand the impact of delays on your business, and the difficulties of sourcing the scaffolding you need in time.

We strive to make this as seamless as possible, and you can hire our scaffolding on relatively short notice.

Diligent delivery and setup

Having consulted with you on your exact needs, we go into minute detail in planning your ideal scaffolding set-up.

Once everything is prepared, we waste no time delivering and setting up. We pride ourselves on our reputation for being on time and within budget.

Supporting you

You'll have a single, dedicated point of contact who will personally look after your scaffolding needs.

We place great emphasis on personal care for all our clients, regardless of the size of your job.

Training and induction

We put all our scaffolders through a rigorous induction and training process to ensure that only experienced experts work on your project.

We regular perform verification of competency assessments and provide renewal training and upskilling for our staff.

When to use aluminium scaffolding

Aluminium's flexibility makes it suitable for many types of scaffolding. There are two common scenarios where it offers significant benefits.

  • Aluminium Scaffold Tower

    Due to its higher tensile strength, aluminium can support taller scaffolds using less material without compromising safety and stability. This makes it a cost-effective material for scaffold towers.
  • Aluminium Alloy

    Aluminium alloy scaffolding is appropriate for prefabricated beams used for suspended platforms, scaffold bridges and cantilever scaffolds. It's also good for creating temporary roofs and to strengthen specific areas.

We treat every project individually to supply you with a cost-effective solutions. Our rates are extremely competitive.

Your S-A-F-E quality guarantee
The wellbeing and lives of your team are paramount. We ensure your scaffolding is AS/NZS 4576 compliant and professionally certified, so if SafeWork NSW visits, everything’s above board.
Safety matters

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