Safe scaffolding is paramount

We have strict quality assurance policies designed to protect your most valuable asset — your team.

The consequences of a safety breach could be disastrous. It’s not a risk we are willing to take. So we are fastidious to the extreme about all aspects of safety.

For us, it comes down to planning. By taking the time to understand your project needs from the outset, we can deliver the safest possible structure that fits your budget. (We believe you can adhere to the highest standards of safety without killing your project budget.)

Safety in numbers

Each year, there are, on average, 28 fall-related fatalities and 21,000 fall-related injuries, according to the Working at Heights Association.

According to Safe Work Australia, the construction industry has the third highest rate of worker fatalities in the country.

In 2020, seven construction industry workers died from fall-related incidents, representing 22% of the total workplace deaths in Australia.

In 2015, Safe Work Australia found that 15% of work-related injuries in the construction industry were due to falls from a height. The same report found that in the ten years between 2003 and 2013, 401 construction workers died on site in Australia. The majority of those, 28%, involved falls from a height, including:

  • falls from ladders, mobile ramps, stairways and scaffolding
  • falls from roofs
  • falls in buildings under construction or demolition

From 2008-2013, slips, trips and falls caused almost 18,000 serious injuries to Australian workers. These injuries resulted in joint, ligament and muscle injuries, fractures, lacerations, amputations and internal organ damage.

We know it makes for discomforting reading. But working in a high-risk industry, we need to be clear about the risks so we can prevent and avoid them.

We never want to contribute to these statistics.

How we maintain our safety standards

  • We adhere to the Safe Work Australia model code of practice for the construction industry
  • We adhere to all relevant Australian Standards for Scaffolding
  • We use independent third party construction engineers to review our plans
  • We adhere to strict compliance standards throughout planning, building and demolition stages
  • We frequently check the structural integrity of our scaffolding while it’s in use on your site
  • We follow our carefully honed PROTECT safety method and SAFE job process method, to ensure safety is the core element of every operational process.

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